Authentic Portuguese Cuisine


Have you ever salted the food and had to prepare another dish ? Ever been left with the  horrid smell of garlic on your hands?  been there, done that- It's not fun  when things don't go according to plan! Here are a few handy tips to help you through those sticky situations...

*Not sure if your eggs are OK? Fill a pan with cold water and let the eggs sink to the bottom. If they rise to the surface, they belong in the bin!

*You have been in the kicthen for 3 hours to find that you have salted the food! Not the best result, but do not despair! Place a peeled, raw potato cut in half in the dish and let it boil for a little. The potato will absorb the excess salt.

*Are the onions ruining your rimmel? We all hate onions. Try cutting the onions under cold water or run your hands and the knife through water prior to cutting.

Alternatively, as daft as it sounds, place a piece of bread on the end of the knife-It will help absorb the acid.

* If you can't rid your hands of the smell of garlic, wash them with parsley or powdered coffee. After all, your dinner guests won't appreciate a dinner host smelling of  Eau De Garlic!

*When cooking vegetables, add a little touch of sugar- It will help keep the flavour and colour.

*When frying in a pan, add a bit of flour to the hot oil/butter to avoid it spitting.

*When you use only half an onion, the other half tends to dry out even in the fridge . Brush the open side of the onion with  margarine- It will last longer.

*Cup of Tea? yes please but without the limescale- boil your kettle with vinegar, it will get rid of those nasty dry bits at the bottom.